Swords and Sorcery Online

This is an attempt to write a graphical MUD in Java. I played EverQuest, I tried out Ultima Online, and I got fed up with those commerical ventures. Of the two, Ultima Online would probably keep my attention the longest (though EQ was hands down the most interesting to travel). I was left with a desire to continue exploring, and creating, new worlds.

I considered using a Ultima server emulator, but I would still be tied to using Windows. I don't even own a computer running Windows--there isn't any Windows 95 or 98 or NT installed on any PC at home. So I was left with few options.

I've considered working with WorldForge, but I felt that I needed to accomplish something on my own, first. I've had a long-time ambition to create a MUD server, and the time is right to build this kind of game. I liked some aspects of UO, including the way graphics are handled--you don't need a heavy graphics accelerator to play UO unlike EQ. I like the idea of having the server be built in an object-oriented language because I believe this will speed improvements and decrease overall development time. And I believe that a SQL database backend is essential. To that end, I've designed sso.

Overall Architecture

The architecture of this kind of game really doesn't vary greatly from implementation to implementation:


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Development on SSO takes place daily. I average 1.25 classes a day. I will be updating this website infrequently.

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Last updated 27 Dec 1999.