Dragonia Reborn!

In the summer of 1994, I began building Dragonia, a unique MOO where the players became dragons and role-played that existence. I never completed it, however. In the autumn and early winter of 1994, I was contacted to be a part of the MiamiMOO project, where I was ArchWizard and engaged in research and new program development.

Dragonia was revisited shortly in October 1994, and then was shut down for what was thought to be a short hiatus.

In late April 1996, Dragonia was uncompressed and examined. While it had been waiting, the MOO server software had undergone major revisions, requiring many more hours of work that anticipated, just to bring it up to a level where it could work with the new server. In addition, the core was at least two revisions old and was missing several new, key features and bug-fixes. Dragonia, alas, had to be abandoned in its original form.

All hope is not lost, however. A new Dragonia stirs from the ashes of the old. It will be built on the latest server, using the latest LambdaCore, which will be heavily modified using techniques learned in the MiamiMOO VaCore (another project that was abandoned because I left Miami to enter the real world).

While Dragonia may look quiet and unimproved on the surface, it is acquiring a new underpinning and several advanced features, such as an integrated WWW server to handle requests directly from the MOO.

Dragonia is reborn, and prove to be not only enjoyable, but a unique testbed for object-oriented database design and implementation.


In the meantime...

MOO-1.8.0p4 Readme
MOO-1.8.0p4 ChangeLog
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