Christopher R. Jones
Seattle, Washington
Mobile 206.306.5860
Senior developer, experienced with enterprise Java and other languages, project planning and management, architecture, data and object modeling, change management, and agile development.
Software Development Engineer, — 2006-Current
Development and maintenance of blog platform software, automated syndicated feed reader, web services to support blogs, personalized messaging services, administrative interfaces, and dynamic web pages. Developer of entity pages, combining data and components from multiple, disparate systems and services to generate search engine ranking and additional sales. Design and administration of analysis and content management MySQL databases and reporting. Created and maintained scripts to control very large builds as well as scheduled batch data pipelines. Used Scrum project management process, JIRA and Amazon's trouble ticket system for bug and enhancement tracking, and Perforce and Subversion with Amazon's build environment for SCM, build, and deployment management. Worked with other teams, editorial, retail, and technical, to leverage, integrate, support, or enhance Plogs, Amazon Daily, entity pages, and Amazon's overall business goals.
Senior Consultant, Cardinal Solutions — 2000-2006
Java architect and lead developer.  Analysis and design, including object models and database schemas.  Change management and project management.  Java and object oriented training course development, mentoring, and formal classroom instruction.  Sales material development, project estimating, and presentations.  Received training in Rational Unified Process, Wakesoft Application Architecture, Middleware Company’s EJB for Architects, and FileNet P8 Java development.
  • Kroger –– June 2004-July 2006:  Technical lead for large retail real estate management software, including automated lease payments and accounting.  Used Java, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, JSP, taglibs, Python, AJAX, DB2, XDoclet, OpenSymphony, shell scripts, and ClearCase.
  • Fifth-Third Bank –– July 2003-February 2004:  SCM migration team member.  Managed multiple simultaneous SCM migrations from Visual SourceSafe and CVS to ClearCase.  Developed migration scripts in Ant, Python, Perl, Tcl, DOS batch, and shell scripts.  Deployed applications with Tivoli Configuration Manager.
  • US Bank –– January 2003-April 2003:  Java architect.  Created detailed specification for enterprise-wide Java application environment, including hardware, software architecture, life-cycle, and unit testing, load estimates, and costs.  Mentored developers on RUP development process and J2EE development, specified development tools, and developed J2EE applications.
  • Ethicon Endo-Surgery –– July 2002-December 2002:  Java architect and lead developer.  Defined Test Driven Development process and deployment process.  Developed product catalog using Java, Struts, JUnit tests, XML-RPC, custom XML object serialization, Oracle, and WebLogic.  Agile development project using test-first methodology and occasional pair-programming.  Installed, configured, and administered CVS.
  • Spotlight Solutions –– October 2001-May 2002:  Java developer and best practices mentoring.  Defined development, testing, and deployment process.  Developed EJBs, EJB clients, RMI servers, XML parsers, a Java cron module, JUnit tests, C utilities, and installers for both WebLogic and WebSphere.  Developed Ant, shell, DOS batch, and Tcl scripts.  Wrote design, architecture, installation, and how-to documentation.  Used StarTeam for SCM and TestDirector for defect tracking.
  • Cohesia –– March 2001-September 2001:  Java developer for aerospace supply-chain and materials planning application.  Developed syntax highlighting editor using JFlex.  Created JSPs, Struts-like actions, taglibs, EJBs, and utility libraries.  Used Test Director for defect tracking and StarTeam for source control.
  • Frequency Marketing –– September 2000-March 2001:  Java developer for Exxon-Mobil Speedpass customer loyalty catalog and points redemption web application.  Used JSPs, Servlets, JMS.  Documented design, process, and standards.  Developed Ant scripts, testing harnesses, and third-party interfaces.  Created DTDs, XSLT library, and stylesheets.
Consultant, Tactix Consulting Group — 1999-2000
Java architect and lead developer.  Visual Basic and COM development.  Change management, project planning and estimating, and proposals.  Client training.  Linux and network administration.
  • Wulco –– July 2000-August 2000:  Consulting for a web catalog.  Solutions assessment and analysis, project planning, work breakdown, scheduling, definition of deliverables, software design, technical meetings with the client, and the bid and proposal process.
  • Kroger –– July 2000-August 2000:  WIN warehouse management system maintenance and enhancement.  Developed in C and Informix embedded SQL C on AIX.  Implemented prototype CVS source code control system.
  • ABTC/CoreConnect –– February 2000-May 2000:  Web-based field sales insurance quote and policy generator.  Generated pre-filled insurance policy forms in PDF.  Visual Basic COM+ components, Active Server Pages (ASPs), MS SQL Server, PDF forms integration, and JavaScript validation.
  • Firstar Bank –– January 2000-February 2000:  Java GUI components developer for mainframe front-end software.  Developed custom AWT widgets and database proxy.
  • Andrews Consulting Services –– April 1999-December 1999:  Java architect for insurance filing application.  Creates, processes, and tracks insurance policy filings with U.S. states, reducing a 22-hour process to four hours or less.  Integrated Bugzilla defect tracking into application.  Mentored and assisted network and system administrator in security and integration.
Senior Software Engineer, American Annuity Group — 1998-1999
Internet application designer and lead developer.  Created on-line annuity statement review application using Java, JDBC, Servlets, IIS, and Oracle.
Network Admin and Software Developer, Network Quality Solutions — 1997
LAN and Internet connectivity, Windows and Linux administration, and Java, C, and Visual Basic development.
Applications Analyst, Ethicon Endo-Surgery/Johnson and Johnson — 1996-1997
Designed and created company's first intranet portal.  Supported introduction of Internet services through teaching, software development, and project leadership.  Developed Perl, Java, JavaScript, and Visual Basic intranet applications.  Trained in Kepner-Tregoe project management and ISO 9000-3 software engineering standards.
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio — BA History, 1996