Mischiefbox.com is a firewall/router to a home-based network.

Trying send us e-mail? Not getting through or getting bounces?

It's possible that we were down (because a DSL line outage or power failure), but it is also possible that you were trying to send mail from a network that we have blackholed from e-mail receipt.

Check out the current list of ISPs and networks that we will not accept e-mails from.

Ohio law allows the collection of a $100 fine per spam message.

Unless we have a pre-existing business or personal relationship, if you are sending unsolicited electronic mail advertisements to addresses at mischiefbox.com, you may be in violation of ORC 2307.64 and subject to legal action resulting in payment of $100 for each violation, not to exceed a total of $50,000, in addition to attorney's feeds, court costs, and other costs of bringing the action.

If we have "opted-out" of any distribution list, or requested that we be removed from the distribution list of any future e-mails, we are considered to no longer have a pre-existing business relationship. Future advertisting e-mails will be considered unsolicited electronic mail advertisements.

There are other terms and conditions that electronic mail advertisements must conform to. Please refer to Senate Bill 8, signed by Governor Taft on 1 August 2002, and due to go into effect 31 October, 2002.

This warning is prominently displayed on this website.